Улыбайся жизни - и она улыбнется тебе в ответ!
23.09.2010 в 23:54
Пишет Pink Cloud:

for my friends....

I told GOD let all my friends be healthy & happy forever!
GOD :But for 4 days only!
I :Yes, let them be a Spring day,Autumn day,Summer day & Winter day!
GOD :No. 3 days!
I :Yes, Yesterday,Today & tomorrow!
GOD :No. 2 days!
I :Yes,a Bright day (Day Time) & Dark day (Night Time)!
GOD :No.Just 1 day!
I :Yes!
GOD asked:Which day?
I :Everyday!
GOD laughed & said:U really know how to negotiate ;)

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